Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

Part I: Chapter 01 “Backlash”

In 2004 I read an article written jointly by Jim Nail, at the time a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Pete Blackshaw, then Chief Marketing Officer for Intelliseek. They quantified and defined the extent to which a sample set of trend-indicating online consumers were "pushing back" against traditional media. This was a turning point for me--I was working at GSD&M IdeaCity, an ad agency in Austin, TX, where I was helping develop the online and integrated marketing strategy team. This was also around the time when the first contemporary social networks began to gain critical notice as potential marketing platforms that would ride on the Social Web, something that caught my attention and became the focus of my work.

  • The emerging role of the individual as a source of content used to inform a purchase decision is gaining as the exclusive role of the marketer and traditional media programmer in establishing the primary advertising message diminishes.
  • The backlash developed when the practice of pushing ads to consumers moved to the digital platform, a platform over which consumers (end users) actually have control.
  • The role of trust is a central marketing element in contemporary social conversations.

social web,trust… colloboration is new tool of socail marketer.
i think it’s point of chapter01.

   by mooncheonghwa

I want to read the book and be inspired.

   by Arnie

Socail media marketing has opened up a new world of possibility when it comes to building relationships with customers.  This is so often an underestimated part of a good marketing strategy.  This book is a good read for anyone involved in marketing of any type.

   by Nerd Alert Marketing Lady

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